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  • How do I apply for vacancies?

    You submit your application via our website. Under the heading “Current vacancies” you will see all the vacant jobs that we have available right now. When you find the job you are interested in, click the “Apply Now” button. You will then come to a page where you are asked to accept that LKAB can process and share your personal data in accordance with GDPR.

    If you accept and proceed, you will be taken to a login page. You can then either log in if you have previously created an account or fill in all the details to create your own candidate profile. You can also skip the login by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

    You must fill in all required fields that are marked with a red star, and you must also attach a resume and/or a personal letter for the majority of our vacancies.

  • Can I send a regular physical application instead of using the website?

    No, the only way to apply is via the website.

  • Can I apply via email or telephone call?

    No, the only way to apply is via the website.

  • Do I have to create a new account for each vacancy that I would like to apply for?

    No, you can use the same user profile, but you need to make a new application for each individual job vacancy.

  • What do I do if I forget my username or password?

    If you forget your username, you’ll have to create a new user profile.

    If you forgot your password, you can get a new one sent to you by clicking on “Forgot Password”. It is also possible to submit your application without logging in - just click on “Skip login”.

  • Will my chances of getting a summer job increase if I contact LKAB in person by phone or visit?

    No. When recruitment for summer jobs/vacation cover starts, the recruiters are busy with interviews and the recruitment process. Therefore, they can be very difficult to reach by phone and they are unable to receive unannounced personal visits. Therefore, it is important that you make a good presentation of yourself and your experience in your application.

  • How do I know that my application has been received?

    You will receive a confirmation by e-mail to the address you specified in the application. Make sure you enter a valid email address. Have a look in your spam folder - sometimes the confirmation mail can end up there.

  • Can I get up-to-date information on how the recruitment process is progressing?

    No, unfortunately we cannot make such promises.

  • If I have applied for a job with you before, or have worked at LKAB in the past, do I have to resubmit my grades?

    We appreciate if you attach a copy of your grade (and driver's license) with your application.

  • I've worked with you before, do I need to apply again?

    Yes, you need to apply again. Then we will know that you are interested in working with us again.

  • Can I expect LKAB to help me with housing if I get a job?

    No, you cannot currently expect any assistance with housing.

  • How will you contact me?

    We will contact you by phone and sometimes by mail if we want to meet you for an interview. If we choose a different applicant, you will receive an e-mail thanking you for your interest.

  • How do you prioritize applicants?

    We look at education, skills and experience. We prioritize educational grades and a Swedish category B driver’s license as a minimum.

  • When can I be notified if I’ve gotten the job or not?

    The length of the recruitment process varies. If we decide to call you to an interview, we will contact you personally.

  • What is the Candidate Portal?

    The Candidate Portal is your own personal page that you create. It allows you to apply for other vacancies without having to fill in all your information again. You can also subscribe to find out about new vacancies that you are interested in and get a summary of what jobs you have applied for.

  • I am having trouble getting my application in, why?

    The supported browsers are Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. The application page also requires that you allow cookies on your browser. If it still does not work or you receive an error message, please contact us at rekrytering@lkab.com.

  • What does the process look like?

    We usually wait until the last application day has passed before we make an initial selection and contact those we want to meet for an interview. If we intend to make a continuous selection during the recruitment process, we say this in the advertisement.

    After selection, we call candidates to interviews – the number of people we call varies. After the interview process, it is time for references. Some vacancies also require tests - sometimes the tests come before the references, sometimes after. It depends on what kind of job it is. Before offering employment, we will also make sure that you have a physical examination. We wait until the recruitment process is complete before informing other candidates that they were unsuccessful.

  • Who will I meet?

    In the first interview you will usually get to meet one of our employees at HR and the recruiting manager. The length of the interview depends on the job in question and can last within 60 minutes and two hours. The interview takes place either at our premises or at a digital meeting place.

  • Who can I contact if I have questions or concerns?

    You can email us directly via rekrytering@lkab.com If you have specific questions about the job you have applied for, you can contact the recruiting manager directly - contact information can be found in the respective advertisement for each job.

  • How long does a recruitment process take at LKAB?

    It depends on the type of job you have applied for, but within six and twelve weeks is the most common. Sometimes things happen that make it take longer, and sometimes things go more quickly. Some jobs require tests and that can mean that it takes longer. At LKAB Malmtrafik we have a security service and every recruitment takes longer because there is a security examination and several stages of tests.

  • What are the opportunities for personal development?

    We operate in a changing environment and we support and encourage the development and careers of all our employees.

  • My application was unsuccessful, will you keep me in mind for future vacancies?

    There are many different people working with recruitment at LKAB - to be sure that we consider you for other roles, it is best that you submit a new application for each one. We welcome your application once again!