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Living in wonderful Norrbotten

An employee in the woods with a child and a dog.

Do you want to work in an attractive environment and feel that you get a balance between your work and your private life? We can offer something that few other mining companies can - a unique living environment in one of the world's most beautiful regions. Alongside the mining operations, there is a vibrant community, a strong and innovative business and a good quality of life for our employees and their families. In Norrbotten there is room for everyone. Welcome!

Did you know that …

There are a quarter of a million of us here, but we do not have to queue or crowd each other out, because Norrbotten is pretty big – in fact, it covers a quarter of Sweden’s area. We have the country's highest mountain and the world's largest underground iron ore mine. Here are some more facts that may leave you curious to find out more about Sweden's most welcoming and innovative county.

An employee outdoors in wintertime.

Number 5 in Sweden

High disposable incomes and high productivity per capita

A couple looking at a sunset.

Love + Norbotten = True

In Pajala, marriages last longer than anywhere else in Sweden (an average of 42 years).

A winter landscape with a dogsled.


We have the most dogs per capita in Sweden – the most popular names are Bella, Charlie and Molly.

An alpine environment.


We have three Unesco Heritage sites – Laponia, Gammelstads Kyrkstad and Struves meridian arch.

An employee outdoors at a stream.

4000 islands

A beautiful archipelago with more than 4000 islands.

A set table.

Good taste

Eat at Sweden’s oldest MAX, which started in Gällivare, or one of 18 restaurants featured in the White Guide.

A portrait of an employee outdoors.

A safe place

One of Sweden’s safest counties, where nine of ten say they feel safe in their daily life.

A hand holding up a flag with the colors of the rainbow.


We have Europe’s most northerly Pride festival. Kiruna IF is Sweden’s first HBTQ-certified sports club.

A couple of ice hockey skates on the ice in a rink.

The King

Börje Salming from Kiruna is one of the greatest hockey players of all time. He has 600 scars on his face and was the first Swede inducted into the Hockey Hall Of Fame.