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"As an engineer, you can work in many different areas at LKAB"

When Roger Hahne goes to meet LKAB's customers in the Middle East and North Africa, he does so safe in the knowledge that his 20 years of experience of our research, development and products will see him through even the toughest meetings. Roger has worked as everything from research engineering to processing management in Kiruna.

What are you working with today?

I am responsible for the sale of pellets to customers in the Middle East and North Africa. This largely means agreeing on prices and delivery volumes. The other part of my job is as Product Manager for DR pellets, direct reduction pellets, which we mainly sell to the Middle East and North Africa. A large part of my job is about hearing the customer's voice, I listen to what they think about our products by being on site and following up on deliveries. Sometimes we might need to customize something to make the product better for them, and together with our research and production, we start a technical customer collaboration to solve the task.

Man in coat standing outside

What are your driving forces?

I enjoy working with people, creating teams and working together with them. I have a curiosity about people and new cultures. Despite different cultures, we humans are so similar, so it is exciting.

What is the most fun at work?

I have a very varied job and it's never boring. No two days are alike. It fits my personality.

What are the challenges in your role and how do you handle them?

Getting enough time, there is a lot going on and I travel a lot, but I have managed to get my life and my work to blend in a good way. Another challenge is change, in the market or in our customers. It is important to know what it means to us and how to handle it. When key people mover on from a customer, I have to build a new relationship with a new person.

Why do you work at LKAB?

Because it is a fantastic company with many different opportunities. As an engineer, you can work with many areas. From research, production and projects to marketing. LKAB is a large and yet in many ways a small company. What is happening in the world affects us and we are active in a global market.

What gives you energy?

New things. I often ask why we do something, where does this lead us, does it lead us forward? Innovative thinking is important, and I like to challenge the way we do things.

Name: Roger Hahne
Lives: Luleå
Occupation: Sales Manager, Middle East and North Africa
Education: Engineer
Interests: Training in all forms. Gym, skiing, hiking, fishing. Everything where I can be active.
Best Feature: Positive
Biggest fault: Impatient