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Malin wants to inspire others to do work safely

Work environment issues should be a natural part of our work and not be seen as something on their own, says Malin Fors. To drive that work forward requires patience, perseverance and the ability to ask the right questions in an ongoing dialogue. Malin spends her free time in the workshop fixing her classic Buick car, or with a shotgun in her hand out in the woods or on the shooting range.

What do you do at work?

I am KMA Project Manager for the entire community transformation unit in Kiruna and Malmberget. KMA is a Swedish acronym which is short for quality, environment and work environment. In my job, I make sure that we work with the KMA issues from procurement, in the construction phase and in monitoring our projects. Proper routines should be in place for how we work on these issues, and I ensure that the legislation is followed. It requires close contact with the contractors, which is why I am involved in safety rounds and risk assessments. The goal is to implement this jointly, between LKAB and our contractors, with zero accidents.Woman in LKAB clothing standing in a corridor

What's the most fun thing about your job?

The journey of social transformation, from decommissioning certain things in a dignified manner to being able to build new neighbourhoods. I enjoy working with the entrepreneurs and making sure we continue to improve. I work constantly after the PDCA wheel, step by step we are constantly moving upwards. From 2014 to now, we have had a fantastic journey and we will continue to lift our work, one level at a time.

What are the challenges in your job?

Getting routines that exist on paper to work in practice. Work environment issues should be a natural part of what we do and should not be seen in isolation. It is important to have a good dialogue and to have the work environment question addressed at an early stage in the projects. My role is to talk to the contractors and ask them the right questions. I try to establish a good connection with them when we work together.

Where will you be in five years?

The hope is that I will have developed even more in terms of knowledge in my role. I want to continue to be part of the social transformation journey because it is fun and still engages me.

What gives you energy?

When I see that the work I have put in and done for many years works. It provides an energy boost and added flavour to continue working. It's nice when you believe in something and get a positive response.

Name: Malin Fors
Lives: Originally from Gothenburg, lives in Kiruna. I moved here when I was young and fell in love with Kiruna.
Worked at LKAB: Since 2007
Education: High school. Attended some college courses and other courses in my area. I want to learn things all the time.
Occupation: KMA Project Manager
Best Feature: Positive person who thinks you should take care of things.
Biggest fault: So positive and committed that there can be too many things to do sometimes.
Leisure interests: Hunting, especially moose. I am also a tester for the Swedish hunter's license. Tinkering with my classic Buick.