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"The most important thing for me as a manager is to be present"

Together with their employees, first-line production managers are the lifeblood of LKAB.
”The most important thing for me as a manager is that my employees are doing well. I have relatively few employees and can be present in the role of manager,” says Mikael Winsa, Production Manager at the Kiruna mine.

Man standing in office

What do you do at work?

My job as Production Manager means that I take care of long-term planning of production, making sure that we have open shafts and production areas ready in time for when loading starts. I am responsible for planning the production on a weekly and monthly basis, and I lead daily meetings where we go through and prioritize the day's work.

What challenges do you see?

The challenges in the job are coordination with other departments in KUJ and being able to work flexibly and quickly to address any problems that arise in any area.

What is the most fun thing about your job?

The most fun thing is being able to be involved and influence, to get suggestions and work with my fantastic employees.

Why do you work at LKAB?

I think LKAB is a fantastic employer where you can develop, you can rise up through the ranks and there are many different jobs you can try.

How do you see the future?

The future seems bright. I have a fun job and good workmates. It also looks good in terms of production in the Kiruna mine.

Name: Mikael Winsa
Lives: Kiruna
Occupation: Production Manager
Education: Two-year high school, qualified loader and leadership training.
Interests: Fishing, nature, travel, scooter and trotting horses.
Best Features: Happy and responsive. Be fair and allow employees to be involved in influencing decisions.
Biggest fault: I can take on too much at times.