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Team spirit gives Pia energy

LKAB was never a dream from the beginning; in fact, it was a twist of fate that made Pia Stålnacke switch from a job within the church to one as an operator in the enrichment plant in Svappavaara. She wanted to try something different, so after working at LKAB on her vacation for two summers in a row, she stayed on – and never looked back. 

Woman in LKAB clothing standing in the snow

What do you do at work?

I am an operator at the enrichment plant in Svappavaara. I work on all four levels of enrichment: the pump, mill and filter level as well as flotation. Among other things, I make rounds doing status checks. I listen to the pumps to ensure they sound as they should. I check that there are materials in all the feeders and that no bolts have been broken or loosened, to ensure that there will be no leakage in the mills. On the filter level, it is important to have the correct amount of moisture, it should not be too humid or dry, and in the flotation the slurry should not go with the bubbles that purify phosphorus.

What's the most fun thing about your job?

The team spirit. We are good at helping each other. There are four of us responsible for each of our levels and one person sitting in the control room. If you notice that someone else has problems on their level, we go there to help them solve the problem.

What are the challenges in your job?

Among other things, we do small repairs and I am not that good at it, but I am getting better and better. In the beginning, for example, they said I would learn how the machines should sound. I didn't think I would, but today I listen to the sound and I know when there’s something wrong.

Where will you be in five years?

I’ll still be at LKAB, probably doing the same thing I am today. I have been asked to become an operator in the control room, but I turned it down. We will see how it goes.

What gives you energy?

My workmates, the sense of community we have and the positive response you get from them. We have good conversations and we work well together. It says everything about this place that you long to get back to work when you are sick.

Name: Pia Stålnacke
Lives: Vittangi
Occupation: Operator
Education: High school
Interests: Exercise, mainly strength training. Cottage, family, nature.
Best Feature: Positive. Trying to see the positive for the most part.
Biggest fault: Stubborn - I never give up.