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Turid works with the world's strongest locomotives

From an oil platform in the North Sea to the world's strongest locomotive, Turid has a tough professional journey behind her, and there is not much in this world that scares the girl from Melöy in Norway. At work, safety is given priority in all situations. She brings this home with her at the end of the working day.

How did you end up at LKAB?

I studied chemistry and processing in Melöy where I was born and raised. After my studies, I obtained a certificate in the oil industry. During my apprenticeship, I was out on an oil platform in the North Sea for two years. When I finished, it wasn’t a good time in the oil industry, and I couldn’t get a job. At the same time, I met the love that took me to Narvik. I applied for a summer job at LKAB Malmtrafik and got the job. That was in 2014. Now I have just got a permanent job and have lived in Narvik for over four years.

LKAB_Bladet_nr3_2018_TuridYtresand3.jpgWhat are your tasks today?

I work with the ore trains that come to Narvik for emptying. Either we are out in the yard or we work in front of the monitors as unloading operators. We switch the train sets and change the locomotives. If something out of the ordinary happens, for example if a train derails, it’s a challenge for us to handle it. Other problems that may arise are that we must replace carriages that are damaged and cannot be returned, which must instead be repaired. The work varies from day to day.

What's the best thing about your job?

We have a very good work environment and all my colleagues are so kind. The shift work is very goods, especially when we get our days off. It’s also cool to work with the ore trains in particular, which are not found in any other places in Norway - it is actually the world's most powerful locomotive. LKAB Malmtrafik is a good employer, and as an employee we have the opportunity to attend courses and develop. I am delighted to be here.

How do you work with a safety-first mindset?

There is a lot to think about in our work, we to take responsibility when we work. I usually stop and think before I do anything at work, I do a 30-second risk analysis. My safety mindset at work has made me think differently even when I am not at work. I bring home that safety mindset, in everything I do.

What does LKAB’s values mean to you?

It is important to be innovative. If we disagree about something in the workplace, it is important that we are committed and engaged. We have many people who get involved at my workplace. We take a lot of responsibility, and then I think it is necessary to be a bit tough as a person. I myself have become tougher over the years.

Name: Turid Ytresand
Age: 25 years
Lives: Narvik
Occupation: Terminal Operator Operator
Education: Chemistry and processing
Employed at LKAB Ore traffic since: 2014
Leisure interests: Training, walking and photography
Movie tips: Room
Like to read: A full six months by Jojo Moyes
Best Feature: Good-tempered
Worst attribute: A little too careful sometimes