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"When you get used to LKAB's standard, it is difficult to switch to something else"

After two and a half years at the company, she is more than settled in. Much can be explained by Camilla Andersson's enthusiasm for both the workshop floor and the safety. We meet the Welder and the Quality and Environment Workplace Coordinator who is tailor-made for both the ore fields and her job.

How did you start working with health and safety?

I think many of us have a colleague or a friend who happened to suffer an accident. For me the issue is important. When I started at LKAB Mekaniska I got involved and wanted to work with the safety culture. Today I am a safety representative and act as KMA support, right now, among other things, with the cooler systems in the works in Kiruna. Security culture is constantly improving, and people ask me about security every day. It is a trust you can build up, and no-one sees me as the police.

Camilla Andersson.JPG

Is the culture of the industry macho?

Kind of. I have worked at other large industrial companies where there was a culture that you could call more macho. One of them felt like LKAB was ten years ago, and it was also a big employer. LKAB does not have the macho culture today that I experienced. When you get used to LKAB's standard, it is difficult to switch to something else. I did, but I came back. Sure, it might happen that someone happens to say something less appropriate at some point, but even the sun has its spots.

Why did you just start in the industry?

I kind of slipped into it after working in a hotel and restaurant. Staff were needed for a large maintenance job at a coastal company. Maybe that's where I realized that I like to service machines better than people. I enjoy working with people, but you know what I mean…

And what do you prefer to do when you're not working?

I am out and about a lot and that is probably why I enjoy Kiruna so much. It can also be nice to just have a day off too; to wake up early and take it easy and drink my morning coffee in peace and quiet. Maybe take a walk with the dog. It can be nice to just stay home.

Name: Camilla Andersson
Lives: Kiruna
Occupation: Welding Fitter and Quality and Environment Workplace Coordinator
Education: High school
Interests: Outdoor life, photography and family life
Best Feature: Careful
Worst trait: Sometimes stubborn