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Products for the steel industry

Iron ore pellets on table

As a global supplier of iron ore products, LKAB generates significant value at many levels. We supply the steel industry with iron ore pellets and fines of highest quality. LKAB also mines and sells minerals, as well as processing and selling iron ore for application outside of the steel industry.

Iron ore products

LKAB's iron ore pellets are made from magnetite and have high iron content, around 67 percent. These two factors give a lower environmental impact both during the pelletizing process and during steelmaking, than competing pellets and sintered hematite fines. The high iron content in the ore in combination with thoroughly tested and balanced additives allows increased steelworks productivity. At the same time, it lowers energy requirements and lower slag volumes.

LKAB produces two types of pellets: Blast Furnace Pellets (BF) and Direct Reduction Pellets (DR). Together, these represent about 80 percent of LKAB's total production.

About 20 percent of LKAB's production consists of fines for agglomeration at high temperature (sintering). The sale of fines for sinter production improves LKAB's ability to meet shifting product demand and market fluctuations. LKAB's magnetite fines (MAF) is regarded as unique fines product due to its exceptionally high iron content above 70 percent.

Within the HYBRIT-initiative, we develope both our products and process.