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General questions

Occupational Health and Safety - for new and existing suppliers

  • What is important to think about when one´s work is complete?

    To return one´s working space to the same condition it was before they started working and to ensure that no equipment or materials are left behind.

  • What is important to think about while one is working?

    Continually reporting if there exists any unsafe working conditions or practices to the designed contact person, keeping the risk assessment up-to-date if any changes occur and ensuring that the equipment is maintained and handled properly.

  • What is important to think about before beginning work?

    1. The risk assessment has been documented, established and is relevant to the work being performed.
    2. The staff is all properly trained and have obtained proper permits for the work being done.
    3. All staff know the emergency numbers, how to report hazards, incidents and accidents as well as how to proceed to the proper evacuation area.
    4. Protective restraints, work equipment and personal protective wear is available, has been approved of and is in good condition.

  • What are the requirements for suppliers?

    In order to carry out work operations within LKAB´s work areas all suppliers are required to comply with legal requirements and applicable regulations according to the Arbetsmiljöverket and LKAB´s own regulations.  Rules regarding working environment and safety applies to LKAB´s staff as well as suppliers.

  • Who is responsible for the working environment when my staff is performing work at LKAB?

    The supplier company itself and its management is always responsible for the staff´s working environment, although the work is performed within LKAB´s industrial area. Those from LKAB that order the work to be done must see that all personnel that work within the LKAB industry area are not exposed to risks caused by the plant or other ongoing projects.