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The Supplier Handbook

The aim of the Supplier Handbook is to provide suppliers with an overall picture of LKAB's rules. The rules cover suppliers who carry out work within LKAB's operations, both within and outside of LKAB's industrial areas, unless otherwise agreed. The supplier is always obliged to be aware of and to comply with applicable legal requirements, even if these are not described in the Supplier Handbook.

The Supplier Handbook contains requirements in the following areas:

  • General requirements
  • Rescue, alarm and evacuation
  • Working environment
  • Environment
  • Vehicular traffic
  • Security

The supplier handbook can be used as a basis for various stakeholders, but is primarily targeted at the supplier's works management, who are responsible for carrying out systematic self-regulation to ensure that the assignment is carried out in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. It is also the duty of each employee to be aware of and to comply with these. There may be additional local regulations at each workplace, and these must also be complied with.
The supplier is responsible for notifying LKAB of any subcontractors engaged in any element, and must ensure that these comply with applicable laws and regulations. Failure to comply with applicable regulations can lead to sanctions and contract negotiations. More detailed information can be supplied by LKAB's Purchasing department.
Planners and other active parties must also consider other guiding documents, and must request these from the appointed contact person within LKAB, e.g. working environment plan and LKAB's technical instructions.

In order to safeguard co-ordination responsibility, LKAB appoints contact persons (hereinafter "contact persons") based on the scope of the assignment. The contact persons are tasked with assisting in the case of questions regarding e.g. local conditions and risks, joint discussions regarding activities, incidents and measures, as well as monitoring compliance with requirements.
At all workplaces within LKAB, co-ordination notices are displayed containing contact details for the relevant co-ordination organisation for the area.
Quality assurance and administration of the supplier handbook are conducted within LKAB's Supplier Group, a group comprising individuals from LKAB's various units.

Contact: leverantorsgruppen@lkab.com
LKAB's Supplier Group, 01/02/22