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There are provisions relating to entry and access to LKAB's operational areas. The reason is partly to prevent unauthorised persons accessing the operation, as well as to prevent incidents, accidents or other disruptions.

Access at work

All individuals who carry out work at LKAB must have a personal pass card and carry valid ID. The pass card must be worn visibly, unless this is prevented by work duties.

The following applies:

In order to be granted access to LKAB's operations, an approved application is required. Applications are submitted through the web form "Application for authorisation" via LKAB's website, www.lkab.com. Stipulated requirements are described in the application form. Once an application has been approved, a personal pass card and if necessary a vehicle permit and a mine tag are obtained at the following locations:

  • Kiruna, Malmberget and Svappavaara, LKAB's industrial guard.
  • Luleå, Group office reception.

Card holders and cards are provided free of charge, although if a personal pass card is lost, the company is charged SEK 500. The maximum validity period is one year. The application is delayed if any of the information that has been submitted is not correct. Requirements for being granted entry, such as SSG training, are paid for by the supplier, unless otherwise agreed.
Entering and exiting is registered, and LKAB reserves the right to utilise the information in the event of evacuations, accident investigations or in the event crime is suspected. For these reasons, all individuals with the exception of vehicle drivers must must walk through the barrier gate for registration.

Vehicle permits are only issued if the assignment requires the moving of people or materials by vehicle within LKAB's operations.

Mine tags are issued if the assignment includes work below ground or within the Svappavaara industrial area. The mine tag is a security solution which means that LKAB can locate people in the event of an evacuation.

  • If the mine tag is lost, breaks or otherwise becomes unusable, the industrial guard must be contacted.
  • When entering and exiting areas where the mine tag system is in use, the person's name must be displayed on boards installed just inside and outside these areas. The staff/control centre must be contacted immediately if the name is not shown on the board.


The works management is responsible for applications and compliance relating to demands for access to LKAB's operations. The works management is also responsible for ensuring that personal pass cards, vehicle permits and mine tags are collected and returned to the location where the card/mine tag was first obtained, if the assignment or employment has terminated.

Access during visits

When visiting, a visitor's pass is issued. The pass must be worn visibly during the visit. The visitor must carry valid ID. During visits, no demands are stipulated regarding training.

The visitor's pass is obtained from the industrial guard/reception after approval, and is only valid if the person is accompanied by their appointed contact person within LKAB. The visitor may not perform work in a risky environment or move about the site independently (participation at meetings is permitted under certain conditions). The visitor's pass can only be granted following an application by the appointed contact person.

Introduction of inventories and equipment

Suppliers who carry out work within LKAB's operations must have control over which inventories and equipment are being brought in. In order to prevent theft, ongoing checks of inventories and equipment are performed. All suppliers must be able to demonstrate which inventories and equipment they themselves own.
The works management is responsible for ensuring that all inventories and equipment are included in a list, and that they are marked in such a way that it is clear who is the owner. Thefts must be reported immediately.

Refusal or withdrawal of access

A person may be refused access to LKAB's industrial areas, facilities, premises and ports for several different reasons:

  • He or she has no assignment, has completed his or her assignment for LKAB, or has ended his or her employment with the supplier (contractor, consultant, etc.) doing work for LKAB.
  • He or she provided false or misleading information (e.g. concerning approved safety training) when applying for access.
  • He or she has been found (e.g. in connection with LKAB's drugs tests) to use alcohol or drugs in an unacceptable way or substances classified as narcotics for purposes other than medical.
  • He or she has seriously and/or repeatedly violated LKAB's policies or company regulations.
  • He or she has been convicted of criminal offences normally associated with organised crime and for which the maximum sentence is at least four years, for example grand larceny, robbery, serious fraud, gross counterfeiting, gross unlawful gambling, unlawful gambling, human trafficking, serious drug offences, serious firearm offences, serious smuggling offences and serious human smuggling.
  • He or she is a member of or sympathises with criminal organisations (e.g. by appearing in the media or other public contexts together with such an organisation).

A background check may be performed by a company engaged by LKAB to assess whether reasons exist to refuse the person access to LKAB's facilities due to such offences or association with a criminal organisation as stated in the above points. The background check comprises a check of public information and searching open media.

A person who has access or who has previously had access to LKAB's facilities may be refused access if any of the circumstances in the above points occur after access has been granted.

In all the above cases, the person's authorisation is suspended in the entry system. Security staff will normally inform the person in question that their authorisation has been suspended. The entry system contains no information about the reason(s) for suspending access nor the length of the suspension, and security staff can therefore not give any such information. Questions regarding the application of LKAB's Security handbook should be sent to info@lkab.com.


Goods transport within the industrial area takes place with the assistance of a pilot, who is contacted and then awaited prior to entry into the industrial area. After unloading, the pilot is contacted again for exit from the industrial area. A pass card is not necessary on such occasions. Goods transport within the industrial area must take place in the first instance between 06.30-14.30. At other times, the pilot is ordered via the industrial guard, which is charged to the supplier.

Weekdays, 06.30-14.30: Pilot, tel.: +46 970 791 57
Other times Industrial guard, tel.: +46 970 762 80

Electronic attendance reporting system

The Swedish Tax Agency's demands for an electronic attendance reporting system (1 January 2016) is intended to counter illegal work and promote healthier competition in the construction sector. Compliance is monitored by the Swedish Tax Agency.

All personnel at the companies working on construction sites within LKAB's fenced-off industrial areas in Kiruna, Mertainen, Svappavaara and Malmberget are logged in an electronic attendance reporting system for each location. Logging is performed via LKAB's pass cards when entering and leaving.

In the construction operations that LKAB (incl. subsidiaries) conducts out in society, the ID06 system with associated ID06 cards is used. LKAB can also pass the responsibility for any electronic attendance reporting system to a supplier through an agreement. The supplier then decides which system is to be used. Read more at www.skatteverket.se - "Attendance reporting systems in the construction sector" and at id06.se


Pets must not normally be brought into LKAB's facilities, areas, projects or properties. This also applies to pets that are brought along in vehicles. However, it is possible to bring in pets that have been granted a permit by the Security Department. Permits are normally granted for guide dogs, search dogs, etc.