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The everyday hero Camilla Andersson

Camilla Andersson, Welding Technician and Safety Representative, LKAB Mekaniska.


Camilla is a Mechanic for a mechanical construction work group and responds to standstills and calls in Kiruna and Svappavaara. One of her work duties is platform inspection. As a contracted KMA Developer for LKAB, she has also supported the safety work during standstills. For the past two years, Camilla has been a Safety Representative and safety and people are truly her focus.

Out in the field, she handles conversations on safety by building relationships. Those of us who have been working for a long time often focus so much on the production that we sometimes forget about safety. Camilla helps us slow down when we need to. She cares a great deal about others. It is great when she offers input and raises issues that are not working. She is really passionate about safety."


ManPeter Degerbjörk, Production Manager at LKAB Mekaniska, tells us why he feels that Camilla Andersson is an everyday hero.