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The everyday hero Camilla Backebjörk

Camilla Backebjörk, KMA Developer division South.


"I have been a Production Manager for a year and a half. As a new manager, there is a lot to learn, and Camilla is a great support in her role as KMA Developer. I feel safe having her with me at risk assessments, accident investigations or when we are setting new routines. She makes you think differently and not stop too soon, but always take it a step further. During investigations, she asks the tough questions that make it easier to find the right cause. For example when we make risk assessments and say that a harness is the solution to a risk, she might ask if it is possible to build a solution to the problem, like a platform for example. When you can't see beyond your own nose, it's good to have someone asking those questions.

It's really easy to work with Camilla, because she is so positive. She always challenges us to think a step further. It makes us better, safer and keeps us on our toes."

Man with a beardPeter Lyckholm, Production Manager above ground in Malmberget, tells us why he feels that Camilla Backebjörk is an everyday hero.