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The everyday hero Markku Sorsa

Markku Sorsa, Planner and Safety Representative at the pellets plant KK2/KK3.

Man standing in front of a pellet plant

"I worked with Markku as a Plant Service Technician for four years. As Plant Service Technicians, we handled incoming and outgoing goods, gas and kept things in general order.

Markku is incredibly caring and keen to keep the workplace safe for everyone. When he does his rounds, he has his safety vision on. He constantly scans the area, noting any dangers. What he sees, he deals with on site and also reports it in our IT-system Synergi to bring it to the attention of others. If he can't fix it, he seals off the area. He follows the rules, puts up the right signs and reports the fault.

The genuine thing about Markku is that he does this all the time. It's those little things that can be so dangerous; a broken railing, a loose floor grating or objects laying around on the ground. If someone isn't wearing the right protective equipment, he goes up and talks to them. He has a good way with people, and he cares about others."

Woman outsideInger Enesund, Maintenance Technician KK2/KK3 in Kiruna, tells us why she feels that Markku Sorsa should be celebrated.