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Employees in helmets and work clothes

All safety work conducted at LKAB is coordinated and propelled by Safety First. Safety First is an ongoing programme based on changing attitudes and views of safety at the LKAB Group as a whole.

A good working environment and secure workplaces is achieved through multiple efforts. Investments in secure installations, training and information, as well as the systematic safety management, which includes risk assessments and security rounds, are some of the measures intended to make safety a natural part of the everyday operations.

A constantly developing safety culture

In order to gain access to LKAB's industrial zones, all new personnel, as well as new suppliers and subcontractors, must go through an approved safety training. Safety training is not just a central component of the introduction given to new employees. There is also an ongoing effort to continuously raise the overall level for our safety culture with training sessions for both managers and employees.

Safety culture is the common attitudes, values and perceptions that managers and employees have regarding safety and working environment. LKAB's aim is a safety culture where every employee is aware of and respects the risks involved in their work, where they are mindful of their actions and where they look to their own safety as well as that of others. This will create a safer working environment for all.

Fewer accidents

Our safety efforts have yielded results. In the last few decades, the frequency of accidents, calculated per million work hours, has fallen – from more than 100 accidents leading to absence in 1980 to 8.9 in 2018. We want to reduce this number further, and are therefore continuing our efforts towards a safer LKAB. We are convinced that everyone can contribute to a safer LKAB by working safely and improving the safety culture.

Today, the most common causes of accidents in our installations involve sprains as a result of slipping or tripping, as well as accidents when handling tools or materials.
The work environment management at LKAB is governed by our work environment policy.