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The world is facing a climate crisis caused by the fossil fuels that have been used for decades. The iron and steel industry accounts for a quarter of the total industry's global carbon dioxide emissions. At the same time, demand for steel is expected to increase by 50% by 2050.

Our task is to make use of Sweden’s iron ore resources in a responsible and innovative manner. We are a company where sustainability is integrated in everything we do.

LKAB has long worked towards long-term sustainability goals in economic, environmental and social sustainability.

Read more about our sustainability goals here.

In 2021 new Group sustainability goals for 2030 will be adopted, and the current goals will be evaluated.

Cooperation, dialogue and control for sustainable development

We strive to constantly increase the positive footprint of our business and reduce the negative. Thes requires that we make ourselves relevant to the world around us and have an ongoing dialogue with our stakeholders. Through collaboration and dialogue we identify which issues affect and are affected by our business and which we have the opportunity to influence ourselves. These questions form the basis of our work and our sustainability report.

LKAB has been a member of the UN Global Compact since 2019 and work with the organization’s principles for sustainable business. We have also mapped our activities towards the UN’s sustainability goal, Agenda 2030, to see how we contribute to global work.

We report annually according to GRI (Global Report Initiative) in order for our impact on climate and environment, human rights and anti-corruption to be communicated in a transparent way that can be compared to other actors who report according to the same standard.

In order to be sure that our sustainability work in work environment, environment and energy, social responsibility and overall quality meet the demands and expectations we and others have, we conduct regular business and sustainability revisions. That gives us a basis for constant improvement. Sustainability at LKAB is an ongoing journey towards increased climate benefits, reduced ecological footprint, transparency and traceability in the value chain and increased equality and diversity. Along the way, we will create many large and small sustainable solutions together with suppliers, customers and partners.

You can find our latest GRI report in the annual and sustainability report.