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LKAB's Code of Conduct is based on international guidelines and is reinforced by our values – Committed, Innovative and Responsible. It describes how we at LKAB should behave – towards each other, our business partners and the surrounding community.

Based on our values

LKAB's values form the basis for the way the operation is run. Committed means that we focus on our customers' results in everything we do. Innovative means that everything can be improved if we dare to think along new lines. Responsible means that we adopt a long-term approach, show respect and put safety first.

The Code of Conduct lays the foundation for successful business

LKAB's Code of Conduct specifies the framework for how we should act. The Code of Conduct builds on international guidelines, for example from the UN Global Compact, the OECD's guidelines for multinational companies and UNICEF. The Code of Conduct is reinforced by our values and our desire to be a role model in business and society. Good conduct generates trust, which in turn lays the foundation for a successful business operation.

The Code of Conduct is also the basis for the fundamental requirements that all suppliers have to certify that they satisfy before they can have a business relationship with LKAB.

Read more about the Code of Conduct for LKAB suppliers

Report breaches of the Code of Conduct through SpeakUp

In order for us, in good time, to be aware of and be able to rectify any situations, working methods and incidents that are in conflict with our Code of Conduct, policies, laws, regulations and guidelines that risk harming the company or our personnel, all employees are challenged to report suspected breaches.

In the first instance, these should be reported up the line, i.e. reporting through your immediate superior, their manager, Human Resources or via Finance Legal.

If, in your position as an employee, you consider that your report of the situation is not being taken seriously, or if you do not feel comfortable notifying the suspected breach up the line, LKAB's whistleblower system "SpeakUp" can be used. LKAB's management has overall responsibility for the Code of Conduct.

Together, we are all responsible for following the code and reporting deviations and breaches.

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