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Diversity and equal treatment

Woman dressed in working equipment and helmet in an underground mine

LKAB endeavours to reflect society's diversity at all levels in the organisation. Our managers must promote an inclusive culture that helps each individual to achieve their full potential.

With their various skills, characteristics, conditions and backgrounds, each and every employee contributes to the diversity within LKAB. By valuing and encouraging an inclusive organisational culture, we can work together to generate more innovative solutions and better products. Having employees of different ages, genders, ethnicities and backgrounds – combined with an inclusive culture – means that we can supply the best solutions for our customers.

We believe that diversity and equality help to increase the operation's profitability and standing as an attractive employer. This should permeate both our working methods and our recruitment process. Equality and diversity are consequently a strategically important area.

Equal treatment

We do not tolerate discrimination in our workplaces on the grounds of age, gender, gender identity or expression, religion or other faith, ethnicity, sexual orientation or disability. Neither do we permit any form of abuse, persecution or victimisation, and we work actively to counter direct, indirect and unconscious discrimination.

In order to recruit and retain staff, it is important for our workplaces to be characterised by a positive view of parenthood. It must be possible to combine becoming and being a parent with a career at LKAB.

Our Diversity Plan

LKAB has a long-term Diversity Plan intended to help support the work towards a more inclusive company.