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Crossing for wild animals

LKAB operates in a sector that has considerable impact on society and individuals. It is important for us to show consideration and to be responsible in order to prevent and minimise any negative impact on human rights. That is why LKAB has a human rights guideline.

Bearing in mind the way the mining sector normally influences human rights, LKAB is focusing on the following areas:

  • Social impact of mining
  • Operations and production in high-risk countries
  • Working conditions and safety
  • Indigenous population
  • Diversity and discrimination

The guideline has been developed to support the work of effectively identifying, respecting and managing risks associated with direct and indirect negative impact on human rights.

Issues relating to human rights are a part of LKAB's Code of Conduct. Each part of the operation is responsible for identifying its impact on human rights on an annual basis and, based on this, for implementing measures in accordance with the guideline.

We also conduct an ongoing dialogue with our stakeholders in order to understand their interests – both the impact that LKAB has on human rights and to learn about any risks – in order to take the necessary action.