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The SpeakUp whistleblower system

For LKAB to be made aware of, and respond in a timely manner to, conditions, practices and incidents that contravene our Code of Conduct, policies, laws, regulations and guidelines and may directly or indirectly damage our company or harm our personnel, or other irregularities that may not be compatible with the public interest, all employees, the public, partners and suppliers are encouraged to report suspected non-compliance.

High demands are placed on companies to comply with laws and regulations, and to ensure that risks for violation of human rights are exposed and addressed. A so-called whistleblowing system is a mechanism for exposing such risks and violations. A whistleblowing system is a channel that allows employees and other stakeholders to report, anonymously, non-compliance, irregularities or misconduct which the company or the company's employees are a party to or should assume responsibility for. A whistleblower function is required by the Whistleblowing Act (lagen om skydd för personer som rapporterar om missförhållanden) and by many international guidelines for human rights according to which we, as a company, have an obligation to ensure that there is a system by which injustices can be anonymously reported and exposed. LKAB provides the whistleblowing system SpeakUp to enable this type of anonymous reporting.

How do I submit an anonymous report?

As an LKAB employee, you can submit a report via the linear organization, i.e., by reporting to your immediate supervisor, the latter's supervisor, Human Resources or via LKAB's legal department. As an external party, you can submit a report via your designated LKAB contact or via the purchasing department, environmental, finance or legal departments.

LKAB also provides the means to submit anonymous reports via the whistleblowing system SpeakUp. The system is an external channel which allows individuals the possibility to anonymously submit information about potentially serious, illegal or unethical conduct within the company or the group.

You can find telephone numbers and web addresses for the SpeakUp whistleblower system for external parties here

LKAB employees will find the corresponding contact information on the company intranet.

The Whistleblowing Act (act on special protection against reprisals for whistleblowing concerning serious irregularities) protects you and your family against reprisals when you report irregularities, provided that you can reasonably assume the irregularities you report are grounded in fact and may considered to be incompatible with the public interest. The term incompatible with the public interest may refer, for example, to misuse of public funds or serious breach of environmental regulations. If the reported irregularity refers solely to working conditions or employment conditions, it is not generally considered to be incompatible with the public interest, insofar as it does not concern an irregularity that is completely unacceptable from a broader societal perspective.